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Quick Review: L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Review

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FTC: Purchased myself!


It was time for an update! I’m back and ready to have more blog posts, videos, and blogs. Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Big Goodwill Outlet Haul + Contest Winner!

So long since I’ve made a video. Life has just been so busy for me lately, but I hope to get back into the swing of things again! ūüôā

Collective Haul: Dollar Tree, Free Samples, & More!

It’s been a long time! (Atleast it feels that way). ¬†I’ve just been so busy! Picked up some good deals lately.

Here’s the site I use to get free samples from. ¬†Mostly it’s liking their Facebook page or filling out a quick form. The availability depends on how many people can claim it and the good ones go fast but they usually put up a new post every few days about a new sample that’s going on.

I just checked and the free hand cream offer isn’t available anymore, sorry! I suggest you subscribe to’s emails for future stuff like that!

The jeggings I got from Walmart can be found here.  They are on sale now for $11! I really like that they feel and look like jeans but have the benefit of no zipper and uncomfortable button.  Not my usual thrift store find cheap but still a good deal!

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November 2012 Favorites!

Another good month! Didn’t have many makeup favorites, but that’s just due to the fact that I’ve been sticking with pretty much the same stuff because I feel it’s been working well for me.

Beauty/Skin Care:

Retina Cream – I use two different strengths for different parts of my face, it’s been looking clearer everyday! Hopefully within the next month or so I won’t need to use foundation anymore!

Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Dryer -This stuff actually works! I use it to spray on in between multiple coats of polish and as a finisher to hurry up my manicures. It has kind of a strong perfume-y scent, but I don’t mind it. Perfect for doing nail art or sheer polishes that take multiple coats!

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil 100% Pure – My new holy grail product! My skin has gotten dry and peeled somewhat since I started using retina more¬†aggressively. ¬†This naturally mimics the oil in your own skin so it’s really great for people with acne or with aging skin, or just for anyone looking for a good natural moisturizer! When I wake up in the morning after putting this on, my skin glows!

Plugged In Tangle Tamer Max – This brush has all the advantages of the tangle teezer: being gentle on your hair, easy to clean, but it’s much easier to use because of the handle!

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Twilight Woods Shower Gel– A stand out from this past month’s Beauty Army box. This scent is absolutely amazing! But more than that it really lingers on my skin and stays for a few hours. Love it!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30¬†– I love this product especially now that I’m using retina more regularly. ¬†It’s the only sunscreen I’ve tried that actually doesn’t feel greasy (a lot claim they do, but they don’t!). ¬†My skin is dry to the touch within a minute or so of applying it and I can put my makeup on right over it (after primer) without it affecting my foundation’s staying power.


Ornate Silver Dollar Tree Mirror – Looks so cute on my vanity and not heavy like my other one! It’s in the little girl’s section if you look for it ūüôā

Poncho from the Goodwill Outlet – I didn’t know how warm this things would be! It has to be the blanket type material that is really insulating. Not bad for 85 cents!

Infinity Scarf From H&M – Bought this one a few years ago, but you can find them anywhere now!

Neon Sneakers from Kmart – I’m¬†obsessed! They are so cute and super comfy. I can’t believe I found a cute pair I liked at Kmart of all places for $10! They run about 1 size too big though in case anyone was interested in buying them. If you sign up for a 3 month trial of their Shop Your Way program you get free shipping for those 3 months! (There’s nothing to cancel after the trial btw so it makes it’s a pretty sweet deal).

Disappointing Products: Ion Daily Solutions Dry Shampoo РNot that impressed with this product.  It would probably leave girls with darker hair a white cast, and I have better luck using baby powder than this for volume and not looking greasy in between washes.

Nelson Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 in 1 Non-Foaming Shampoo¬†– Maybe this product is trying to do too much as it claims to be a shampoo, conditioner,¬†dangler,¬† argan oil shine, color sealer, smooth serum, and pre-styling lotion. ¬†It doesn’t do any of those things well. ¬†My hair looked SO greasy and disgusting after using it, I had to wash it again that same day because it felt so gross! Not to mention the bottle is almost impossible to get product out of. I used the whole thing for almost a week and tried in a million different ways to get it to work for me but it’s just terrible!

Collective (Random) Haul: Chanel Purse + Goodwill, Kmart, eBay, Ulta & More!

I’ve picked up a few good things lately, the most exciting being a pink Chanel purse! I’m going to be giving it away in an upcoming video ūüôā ¬†Here are the links to some of the products I mentioned:

Brush Guards 15 piece. $3.50

Nail Dotting Tools. 5 Pack, 2 different sizes on each side. $1.99

Neon Sneakers from Kmart! Normally $19.99, currently on sale for $10! (Free shipping if you sign up for a 3 month trial of Shop Your Way Max Rewards).

Goodwill Outlet Haul: Black Friday November 2012

Goodwill was crazy on Black Friday! I found some good things though, a lot of fall clothes!

Quick Vintage Jewelry Haul from the Antique Store! November 2012

I have an addiction to vintage jewelry, it’s so much fun!

Beauty Army November Box Review!

Another good month from Beauty Army! It’s still my favorite subscription box. I love the fact that you can pick your own products!

Products I picked:

1. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

2. Sukiface Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

3. Skinn Cosmetics Twin Set, Pink Tulip (Last month I got Coral Poppy and love it!)

4. You Da Balm Tea Tree Lip Balm (Last month I got Coconut, I gave this one to my sis because I never go through an entire chapstick!)

5. Whip Hand Cosmetics Locked + Loaded Loose Pigment Eyeshadow – a really pretty shimmery taupe color!

6. Nelson J. Argan Oil Non-Foaming Shampoo – this was an interesting product (let’s be nice and put it that way) that I’ll be talking about in my November Favorites & Meh Products video.

Haul: Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Drugstore, Walmart, Nordstrom.

A few random things I’ve picked up lately!